México D.F.

70 m2

Loncheria la Favorita

In Mexico loncherías —snack bars— have a long history in the popular gastronomy and are usually a synonym for craving. With this tradition in mind, ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea developed the interior design for Lonchería La Favorita, a new proposal for snacks cookery that is located on Insurgentes avenue in Mexico City. Architects Bernardo and Jose Lew, directors of ARCO, defined with the owners a well balanced project to make the most of the 70 sq m area.

The kitchen is central element of space, in plain sight for the customers, working also as an excellent distraction for the counter patrons. There are also tables that can be configured according to the needs because it is close to the bullring and a local soccer team stadium making it the perfect place for snack before or after the events.

The color palette and finishes were selected according to the operation needs and the design an image of the whole project, which along with Ernesto Moncada´s graphic design, results in a contemporary ambience that makes a perfect homage to the Mexican lonchería tradition. It is a pleasing space that surprises the customers combining good taste and design using the traditional elements to conform its personality, resulting in an ambiance where: enjoying a good taco is a full pleasure.

Photography By: JAIME NAVARRO