Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico

7 830 m2


Cenit 2

Cenit 2 was design to become an emblematic element in the city of Chihuahua, north of Mexico, due to the privileged location of the site where it will be built. In the selected area there are no tall buildings, and the project will take advantage of the surrounding horizontality. ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea was one of the selected firms to participate in the invitation only competition and this is the project they presented. The project is formed by to two magnificent towers 27 stories tall —the first one will be on the highest location— both joined by a central park that goes along the site to take advantage of the views.

The design faces the 88 apartments of each tower to the south-east, this way the service areas are in the north. A wide variety of technologies and studies, applied directly to each tower, plus the adequate position, resulted in the development of a sustainable condominium complex with a controlled consumption of energy and the best use of all the resources.

The towers design emphasizes their verticality creating a dynamic sensation that goes up to the sky, generating an attractive geometry with interesting intersections to add movement and solar protection to the facades. The towers roof top is a deck where the solar cells were installed. The circulations towards the apartments are a dynamic combination of double heights and bridges that connect visually to the vertical gardens and are repeated every 5 levels.

Each tower has its own common areas located inside and both share the park, events room, the pool and SPA. The events room may be connected to one of the plazas to have outdoor gatherings. The park is the central axis of the project and will have attractions suitable for all ages like: jogging and bicycle track, playground, barbecue area and lounge, all designed to promote the social activities between neighbors and to rescue the green areas very important to the cities, and most vertical condominiums choose to avoid. The rest of the area has been planned as an extension of the green areas with walking paths.

ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea project for the condominium complex Cenit 2 looks forward to offering a new alternative for the inhabitants of Chihuahua who are used to live in houses rather than buildings. The design presents 8 different configurations that will adapt to the need of the future residents granting the two level units, so they feel like living in a house, with the comfort of a modern tower with all the services.