Baja California Sur

704 000 m2


Cielito Lindo Loreto

The development of Cielito Lindo (Beautiful Sky) was conceived under the guidelines of the Integrally Planned Centers to launch the zone, implementing a strategy of progressive, incremental and strong capacity transformation improvements. The actual context will be modify under de construction of a master plan aiming to maintain the ecological balance of the surroundings, highlight its natural attractive, and at the same time, encourage the expansion of the economic and social life of the region.

The project considers the development of commercial, recreational, housing, hotels and services zones. The location of each of these zones looks forward the integral growth of the complex to guarantee the economic balance, as well as the inherent activities of each one. There will also be an ecological reserve and donation zones according to the law.

One of the main attractions of this complex is the sea front beach club that will have the capacity to promote the social development of the residents with a wide variety of activities, mainly aquatic. Among the services stands out the installation of wide capacity water treatment system and desalination plant, to supply drinking water to the zone and have effective control.

Cielito Lindo includes a combination of buildings that reflect a wide range of architectonic styles and consistency levels with a community towards an urban complex on sight. The buildings will be constructed with height and area restrictions. To define the streets and open spaces facades and lots with restricted construction will be established. The construction density is planned to achieve the landscape sight with some permeability, and also with the adequate sensitive transition in scale to maintain a comfortable experience for all the residents with natural lighting and air circulation.