Baja California Sur, México

10 000 m2


Downtown La Paz

Downtown La Paz is a new touristic and commercial development designed and built by ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea. It is located in the Mexican city with the same name, which is also the capital of Baja California Sur, right in the southern part of the Baja California peninsula with more than 250 thousand inhabitants.

It is a mixed use development that has as main attraction the first ONE hotel in the area. It has
126 rooms designed with the perfect balance for both the business and leisure travelers. This development also has two levels of commercial space to lease for the development of the economy of this important city.

It was built in a 5,000 sq m lot in one of the best connected with the center of the city areas. The avenues around it allow the 10,000 sq m building to be appreciated ensuring the best transit visibility for the commercial spaces that have more than area 3,000 sq meters and an ample parking lot with 76 spaces.

The mall has the best technology to guarantee visitors the best service with a 24 hours surveillance CCTV system. To make the stay more pleasant, regardless of the temperature, all internal circulation corridors are roofed.

All parking lots are paved and have an adequate signaling system, as well as lighting for night time. The development also has a number of technical and decorative details such as resource-saving systems, landscaping and ornaments that complement the overall picture of the whole project.