Bosque de las Lomas, México

420 m2

Casa Ahuehuetes

ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea participated in the design of interiors of a residence located in Bosques de las Lomas, designed by the architect. Vicente Garcia’s office Etchegaray Architecture One 618. The project consists of spacious and contemporary spaces that take advantage great heights and daylighting become available cozy thanks to the materials used and the furniture was chosen and that design.

Access to the house topped with a walnut lambrin 2 buttresses, circulation is marked with a cream marble floor to distinguish it from the living areas, reflected in a horizontal planes in the plafond.

The social area downstairs (Living Room, Breakfast Room and Family) is integrated by establishing a link between the triple point of the house through a concrete wall finish along it, the floor walnut plank and the arrangement of furniture.

The transition through the dining room is understated by designing and lighting panels topped with a screen of rectangles walnut and red lacquer, which serves as a division without being a wall, this piece gives you a lot of movement in space breaks rigidity and order of areas.
Access to Toilet and kitchen is hidden by a lambrin walnut whose horizontality is accented by quirks in it, that wraps at the end to the metal column, which frees the back and bottom, to give lightness and it behaves like a band that covers the walls and column.

The house has 3 levels which can be accessed by 2 flights of metal stairs with traces of cream marble, the unifying element of the vertical circulation is a wall of green that rises to the 3rd level and topped with a ceiling flown the same color as can be appreciated from any social area of the house.

In the 2nd level secondary bedrooms are located and the family room, space having the TV cabinet placed against concrete wall above, the area is bounded on the sides by tempered glass railings into the gaps generated by double heights . The staircase in the 2nd level is hidden by a lattice of wooden pallets in white lacquer privacy achieving an effect before the monumentality of space.

From here you can better appreciate the spectacular double height of the house, daylighting receiving it and the concrete wall 3 heights which has buttresses light to bathe at night. The 3rd level has a lobby that also functions as a work area set by the wall and ceiling green. The master bedroom has a spacious bathroom and dressing, and is completed by a terrace overlooking the garden.

Photography By: JAIME NAVARRO