Acapulco, Guerrero, México

1 700 m2

Casa Cima Real

The main objective of this project was to highlight the prime location of the original building located in the highest part of an exclusive residential complex in the port of Acapulco. The new image of the house is the main kick fractionation and its design is completely different to what is traditionally used in such houses.

By a sober, shocking and well -defined architecture project resulted in the optimization of the views and seamless integration of interior and exterior. The characteristic climate of Acapulco lets spend a lot of time outdoors so sought that these spaces were very generous.

The house is built on 4 levels. The highest level the master bedroom which has a large terrace from where you can see the best views of the bay, as well as being a space for social events to have different ranks. At the next level all public areas as defined by generous open spaces, well-defined volumes are located. At this level at one end there is a spacious terrace with pool and at the other end another terrace which has the function of an open play area, below it is the lounge area of the house.

Down to the second level private areas are located in all rooms large windows and a generous balcony that runs the entire level were used. The master bedroom has its own private terrace. For the entire project finishes and neutral selection of colors and textures were used is according to the weather conditions of the location and contemporary design emphasizing space.