Coyoacán, México D.F.


Casa Mayor

Space to put in play the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Undulating lines and bold colors like red light and evoke the sensuality of design. The lighting regulates ambient intimacy and in turn balances the provocative and seductive feeling of light and color. Traits of a contemporary blend to give life to this place of imagination.

The bathroom space was conceived concept create a skin within a rectangular container. An existing window closed at the store in order to close the space and natural light to play with a set of artificial indirect light. Within this rectangular box, runs a double skin with continuous surface lined with red Venetian mosaic, which is totally suspended and floated by all their ends; This same concept of lightness was applied as in the floor, place a teak deck modulated serving as a mat that goes with a border river stone.

The wooden deck also suspended, has 2 rectangular glass basins also are floated, and the only interruption of this red band is in the groove to the mirror, and in the niches that go on top of the toilet that will float the wall with a hidden tank. In these niches candles are placed to achieve a more relaxed atmosphere. As a centerpiece of the bathroom is the tub rim to the center as a sculptural piece occupying the dominant role of space. 2 stools accompany space and furniture to sit and relax and design wooden shelf under sinks to accommodate baskets towels and accessories.

Photography By: JAIME NAVARRO