Mexico City

345 m2

La Cuspide

La Cúspide is a project developed by ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea´s team described by two words: elegance and sobriety. This apartment located in Mexico City responds to the needs and taste of it owner who requested that his home had to be inspired in the luxury of a presidential suite of a grand cosmopolitan hotel.

With this mission on mind a program was developed to maintain opening and communication between the public areas to achieve mayor spaciousness. The bar is the central element of this space catching the eye from all points. All the internal communications meet at this point, so besides being a focus point, it was very important to make it stand out for its location.

The use of natural materials, with an exquisite combination of stones and woods, was the theme to maintain the balance between sobriety and elegance, plus adding the warmth necessary for a residential space. The colors and textures of all the materials enhance the personality of the whole ambiance providing a subtle dynamic to each space.

An important merit of this project is that a complete first phase was done including only the master bedroom. It was the client´s desire to work on the second phase according to what the needs layout in the future and then add a new chapter to his home.