Fraccionamiento Villa Magna, Huixquilucán Edo. de México


Penthouse Torre C Residencial Las Nubes

The project comprises 2 floors of spacious mezzanine provided with generous natural light thanks to two lateral frontal and 2 further terraces offering spectacular views of the golf club and Interlomas. The space also has all automated services encuenta as it is located within the residential Clouds winner IMEI in 2004 prior to the intelligent building.

Since there were two free plants partitions, architectural space distribution arose from customer needs, creating functional spaces in all areas. This functionality is also reflected in the furniture, which in many cases was done on design, which also permitó, preserving the aesthetic and chromatic unit of each room.

The entire penthouse is decorated with a rustic contemporary proposal that incorporates classical elements such as moldings and traditional blacksmithing, using the rich textures of materials like wood and precious marble combined with lighting give an elegant and cozy touch to the different spaces in it.

A spiral staircase lined with marble Dorado Tepeji is visible edges that welcomes residents who can take a break to begin receiving the warmth of the lobby topped with a wooden beamed ceiling leading to the room with double windows tall and imposing wall of red old-looking fiorito travertine that gives visual continuity to this space by integrating it into the dining room through a gallery arcade. Both the room and the dining room each have a terrace overlooking the golf club. Within the social areas of the house on ground floor, an old door imported from India, reserve a space for a more intimate and informal cohabitation: A spacious living room with two terraces equipped with great natural light and containing the breakfast room TV.

The kitchen, designed by Piacere, occupies the central area of the floor plan so it is conveniently connected to the dining room, breakfast and service areas. Upstairs are the bedrooms, a playroom for children and family area that conveys a sense of cozy spaciousness with its double height omega replica watches, natural light enters through a skylight segmented by beams of generous proportions. The decor of each suite is unified by the use of marble and the use of borders, though the details were seen individually on each individual sense giving them an aesthetic and functional terms.

The space framed in stone, a concept continued to climb the plank floor in front of the bar and the equally covered as a light skin. On the left, the intimate areas of family to a study encapsulated in glass fronts with different applications of wood, aluminum and frosted film that caps the space at the bottom of it, and behind this first kitchen area and services. The access flanked areas are framed by a double height that denotes a perimeter corridor with tempered glass railings metal railings.

Upstairs also are located symmetrically auction two spaces on each double height, highlighting the studio overlooking a masterful view of the glass windows double height. The intimate areas are modeled forefront of shapes and finishes, with finishes ranging from ivory, black enclosure, Sardinian granite and fine wood staves, as well as all general carpentry walnut.

In the master bathroom’s Jacuzzi Venetian marble-lined central sculptural piece, taking 2 capsules side tempered glass hosting the shower and the toilet was designed. This space loses its orthogonality to have a plafond of corrugated timber breaks the box provided, and gives a sense of fluidity. Each area is tops perimeter through lower terraces and large windows that provide invigorating views each space, lighting and ventilating each dynamically.

Photography By: JAIME NAVARRO